Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missed Expectations?

This is my first post as I am new to this whole blogging thing.  Thought I should let those of you who may happen across this blog an idea of what I will be talking about.  First, I am an angry and disenchanted Republican having pretty much lost faith in the party over the past 10 years.  Second, I bring a very practical perspective to much of my life and will post from this perspective.  So, this blog will address current issues that we all face, be it politics, social issues, or something else.  It may at times lapse into the mundane and will certainly from time to time touch on major sporting events and other areas of release.  Through it all, I will welcome your input and feedback.  

Am I the only one out here that is entirely fed up with the political environment in the US today?  

Our system has very obviously corrupted itself and even those that go into politics with the best of intentions are ultimately warped by the potential for power and money.  To me, the arguments between Democrats and Republicans are virtually meaningless.  Both parties want our money, want to spend more than we can give, and are only truly interested in gaining and keeping power.  While they proclaim to have profound differences, in all practical matters, the differences are only on the fringes.  My guess, if they have a $1 trillion dollar budget, they may differ on $500 million of the total spend -- or if my math is correct a 1/2 of 1% difference.

This fact can be reinforced by history.  Over my life, our national politicians have been promising to fix a variety of issues that are of great importance to the nation -- health care, our social programs, our system of taxation, and the deficit and the national debt, among others.  While politicians of both parties have repeatedly promised to address these matters over the past 50+ years, not only have they not been successful in doing so, in each case these problems have become more severe.  We are now quickly reaching the point (if we have not already done so) where the US Government is no longer viable and its misuse of our money will ultimately lead to a significant decline of this great nation.

What We Need!

1.    Politicians that put the interests of the nation above themselves (regardless of party affiliation).

2.    As a Nation, we need to figure out what we want to be:
  • Either we change paths and move down a fiscally conservative path meaning the elimination or severe reduction of the multitude of social programs including Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.
  • Or we accept the fact that we have moved significantly in a socialist direction and be willing to foot the bill to pay for everything. 
3.    We also need to drop the belief that we know what is best for the rest of the world.  For whatever reason, we assume that our approach to Foreign policy is the best and that ultimately the world will welcome this approach.  Let's open our eyes to the fact that in most instances, our help is not wanted, is unwelcome, it leads conflict that we cannot afford, and it results in the unfortunate loss of precious life.

4.  By removing ourselves from serving as the world's policeman and keeper of the "right" behaviors, we will have the time, and at least a better set of resources to focus on the domestic issues of the nation.  Here again though, National interests must come before individual or regional issues and unless and until our politicians figure this out, we can only be certain of one thing -- failure.

Till the next time -- take care and God bless.